The Imaginary King was created by Elizabeth King; (Better known as Beth!) A Colorado native artist who has a huge passion for being creative. Her work is primarily inspired by 80s, 90s, and 2000s media. Anything from anime, cartoons, video games, horror movies and fantasy. Her journey started at at a very young age, but the passion for art and creativity was ignited when she was around 11 years old. Anime was one of the biggest inspirations for her at the beginning of her journey. Since then she enjoys drawing female presenting characters in detailed and extravagant designs. She loves playing around with colors and various mediums, creating weird, abstract lines and shapes to make something out of this world is also something she really enjoys. Primarily she works digitally, and traditionally in pencil and ink. Currently she is also delving into world building and character design as she has a few ideas for a comic series. Beth has sold her artwork primarily on the selling platform Etsy, but has recently moved to this current website, as well as in person events in Colorado such as Fort Collins Comic Con, FanExpo Denver, Wicked West Comic Con, Rocky Mountain Con and Daku Con. Currently she is looking to sell at other out of state conventions to broaden her horizons. Beth began selling art at conventions in November of 2018. In November of 2019 her art was featured for the 18+ geek convention; Daku Con as their mascot for that year. The work was displayed on their programs, badges, t-shirts and mugs. Her big dream is to travel and sell at art conventions across the US and potentially internationally. If you wish to support her, please check out the shop, consider subscribing to her emails, check out her socials and her Patreon!